Freebird classic Rock & Blues band - Performing at Skegness 'Rock n Blues' weekend, January2008.
Freebird Skegness Rock n Blues 2008


Brilliant stage, sound and lighting. What a venue, with up to 4000 Rock n Blues fans packing the Butlin's site at Skegness, it was a formulae ready made for a superb weekend of music and fun.

Freebird took to the centre stage at Noon on Saturday and opened with the classic 'A New Day Yesterday', this brilliant rendition set the scene for the rest of the set. Reeling off their unique versions of 'Holy Mother', 'You upset me Babe', 'Sweet Home Alabama' and many more and concluding with their signature version of 'Freebird'. The band went down well with much dancing, applause and cheering throughout the set.

Freebird Skegness Rock n Blues 2008

Skegness 2008 Review - this review is a tongue in cheek compilation of a great weekend enjoyed by the band and friends of the band.

The Sex, Drugs, Rock n Blues and Toilet Duck Cleaner Tour.
(Well, anyway we did get the Rock n Blues!)

Clitheroe was well represented at Skegness 2008 providing the musicians, the back stage staff and a handful of music lovers.

All braved the high winds to arrive at differing times at Butlins, not necessarily based on departure time but navigation skills. Some of us took three hours others took eight hours but we shan’t go down the women drivers’ route, just in case we get lost again!

We were all there to see Freebird really! Okay some top bands turned up but we were all focused on Saturday at 12 o’clock to see our local heroes perform on stage, a very big stage which could quite easily fit the Kings Arms at least 10 times. That is not the inside of the Kings but the whole building itself!

SO we had to go and watch some of the bands on Friday night, after Bernie had completely cleaned her chalet and applied adequate amounts of toilet duck to ensure that she and Stan were in for a hygienic weekend! Dr Feelgood were good especially when Gyppo Mayo joined them on stage. Stumble were excellent as well. The beer was a fair price and I can’t remember much else about the other bands who I am sure were pretty good!

Saturday arrived. Following breakfast with the other 4,000 diners, and watching Elaine consume the maximum amount of food that she could fit on her tray, it was time to start the Freebird roadshow, assuming that Barry and Derek had managed to find Butlins (later on you will understand why!). Steve was a bit nervous but fortunately lost his phone an hour before so this at least preoccupied his mind. Barry and Derek arrived nonchalantly although had trouble finding the stage door, so their sense of direction failures were showing themselves at an early stage. On sound advice Matt realized that if he wore his bobble hat he would look much younger and as the curtain was raised the splendour of the hat was there for us and the 2500 to see.

What a great sound when the band started playing. It makes a difference when you have a professional PA and even more so when the lighting engineer is in tune with his counterpart. I shan’t go on about which songs Freebird played in any order but each one got a better applause as the set went on. The light show was fantastic, Matt was a rejeuvanated man. Steve made no mistakes (!) and Barry sounded fantastic behind the drums combining a strong powerhouse with Derek. Gosh they were good, you really have to see them on the big stage; in fact all the bands for the rest of the day had something to really live up to. Honestly. The final applause for Freebird itself was full of cheers and so ended a truly great experience.

Well weekend over? No chance, Feelgood followed again, then Stumble and a host of other bands. Most of us retired early that afternoon but not Derek and Barry. Well they tried to but spent hours walking around the Butlin’s site trying to find their chalet. To be honest we are still not sure where they are. They were caught arguing in the gents with Barry convinced that it was their chalet.

The rest of the weekend was fabulous. Many of the punters came up to Steve telling him how much they enjoyed the band. “ Best band we have ever seen here” was one plaudit. A potential booking in Barrow In Furness is to follow, plus lots of reviews and pictures on the various blues websites.

Many agree that Wilko Johnson was fabulous and the Blues Band also. We all had our favourites but for us all seeing Freebird up on that stage was something to remember. Rumour has it that they will be back next year!

Poor old Jagger had to return home early Saturday morning and missed it all! Don’t worry it was all recorded on film. Ask Steve next time you see him for a copy and don’t blame the cameraman, trying to keep a camera still for 62 minutes ain’t easy.

We all departed Monday morning and visited the forgettable Skegness, but will certainly return next year.



Freebird Skegness Rock n Blues 2008
Freebird Skegness Rock n Blues 2008
Freebird Skegness Rock n Blues 2008
Freebird Skegness Rock n Blues 2008
Freebird Skegness Rock n Blues 2008