Freebird - Derek Wellock - Bass Guitar + Backing Vocals
Derek Wellock

Born Clitheroe, Ribble Valley, Lancashire. 15/08/1951.

First band was "Quantro" - Initially folk based and developed into a more contemporary outfit. I met and worked with current band member Barry Buchanan and played in pubs and clubs throughout the North West. I joined "Venom" in the late 70's a respected Leicester based band playing original rock material in the midlands and South East.

I worked with various line ups during the 80's and 90's, usually including Matt or Barry or both.

I took on a self build house project in the late 80's of which was quite time consuming while holding down full time employment and consequently I was confined to only playing one off gigs for quite some time. The house will be finished one day soon!!! so say my good lady Wendy and friends.

I've been with "Freebird" since 2001 and enjoy the music and the challenge of live performance.

Musical taste - Blues, Jazz, Folk, Rock, Classical, Country. Pretty well anything that's played well and that has musical notes in it. Bass has always been my first instrument, I love the sound and function of bass within a band.

Influenced and/or inspired by James Jamerson, Jack Bruce, Andy Fraser, Jaco Patorious, Pino Palladino.

Equipment used on stage: Bass Guitars - Fender Jazz 1974, Rickenbacker 4003, Overwater Progressive Five String and Status Matrix Five String.

Amplifiers - Mark Bass T.A. 503, 500 Watt Head + Mark Bass STD 104 HR 4 x 10 Cab.