Freebird - Barry Buchanan - Drums
Barry Buchanan

Born - A long, long time ago somewhere far, far away.............

My musical interest started at a very early age especially the percussion side, mainly due to my fathers passion for highland pipes and drums - which still hold a soft spot for me. I never recovered from the 'battering' my ears took. I bought my first drum kit at age 15 years - a CBS Arbiter Gold Sparkle, I've still got it! After teaching myself the basic rhythms I joined my first band age 19 years, the local stars 'Lee Barry and the MG's'. This band played all the top venues of the time i.e. the Mecca's, Astoria's, and the legendary Nelson Imperial Ballroom performing alongside such big name acts as Manfred Mann, The Hollies, Tom Jones, & the Merseybeats to mention but a few - a great era to play.

In the mid 70's I joined Derek's band 'Quantro' to play a mixture of folk/rock music, doing the usual rounds of pubs and clubs - a great learning experience! Following a near fatal car accident the band members went their separate ways around the end of the decade.

The early 80's began with the formation of the trio 'The CBJ Sound' which did a lot of backing work for solo acts at various residences across Lancashire. 1985 - a major turn in influences when I joined popular country music band 'Deep Water', a whole new scene opened up. Country music today remains my second musical love.
After 5 years on the road playing various venues and festivals etc. the band finally split and the wilderness years began with nothing much happening until 2001 when I received the best invitation I've ever had. It was a call from Matt Howarth inviting me to join a then unnamed band for local gig work. Rock music was a new innovation for me and 'Freebird' was born!

I look forward to enjoying more years playing what can only be described as exhilarating and enjoyable music with the phenomenon that is ... Freebird!

Equipment used on stage: 5 piece Premier Kit complimented with PA15/s cymbals i.e. 20" ride, 18" crash ride, 16" crash, 14" hi hats, 12" splash, 5 star super zyn china.